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Taming The Hottest Of The Peppers

Papa Jeabert’s is the only spice company of its kind, anywhere in the world! The signature product is a dried Cajun spice blend made with a little pepper called a “Peter Pepper” - once termed too hot to eat. Papa Jeabert’s grows these peppers in fields near the company’s home town of Lafayette, Louisiana. In fact, Papa Jeabert’s has the only commercial “Peter Pepper” farm in the world! And, down there in the heart of Cajun Country the little pepper has become famous as the secret ingredient in Spice de Terre - one of the best-tasting all-purpose seasonings ever created. Papa Jeabert’s cuts the fiery taste of the Peter Peppers with three other peppers and then adds onion and lemon for balance, and powdered papaya to help foods absorb the spice blend.

In Bayou Country, Even The Hobos Can Cook

The Cajun dish called “drunk chicken” actually began when Cajun hobos learned they could keep a chicken juicy and tender by cooking it over an opened can of beer. Once they found (or stole) a chicken, they needed only a slow campfire and one can of beer to make a scrumptious meal. It didn’t take very long for Cajuns to adapt this method for bar-b-que dinners, and today there’s hardly a Cajun around who doesn’t know how to cook drunk chicken. While it’s true that an open can of beer inside a chicken will baste the insides of the chicken and make it tender and juicy, it is also common knowledge that the beer can might fall over - or the chicken might catch fire because of the fat dripping from the chicken. There is even a possibility that toxic fumes may be produced when the paint on the beer can is subjected to heat. Papa Jeabert’s solved both of these problems by introducing the Original Chicken Up drunk chicken cooker, which has been patented.

Papa Jeabert’s Chicken Cooker - US Patent #6192792.
Papa Jeabert’s Spice deTerre is a “Certified Cajun” food product

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