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In the Heart of Cajun Country
delicious cuisine is a way of life.

Introducing "Papa Jeabert's"  
Original Chicken Up 

The Original Chicken Up cooks a whole chicken and fixin's to healthy, mouth-watering perfection.

Our cookers are dishwasher
 safe and easy to clean.

Fill the cup with beer
or wine or fruit juices.

Cap with a well seasoned chicken - preferably with Papa Jeabert's
Spice de Terre.

Stick foil wrapped potatoes, corn on the cob, or stuffed bell peppers on the corner spikes.

Place in the oven
or barbecue-grill.

As the liquid turns to steam it bastes the chicken from the inside while all the fat drips into the tray.

For the healthiest, juiciest,
easiest, most delicious
chicken you've ever tasted.

Original Chicken Up and our Turkey Up
Make Great Gifts!

Papa Jeabert’s Chicken Cooker - US Patent #6192792.
Papa Jeabert’s Spice deTerre is a “Certified Cajun” food product

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