Chicken-Up and Turkey Up Cookers

The Patented Original Chicken Up
Three Models to Choose From

The Original Chicken Up! comes in three models; double barrel, double barrel with spikes, and single barrel with spikes. Papa Jeabert’s also makes a Turkey Up model, which is the
only cooker designed with pan & handles.

Choose the one that suites you best!

Cook Juicy Tender Chicken - 97% Fat Free


Original Chicken Up!
(Single) w/Spikes

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Each -- Original Chicken Up Single w/Spikes -- $45.00

Each -- Original Chicken Up Double w/Spikes -- $60.00

Each -- Turkey Up -- $65.00


Original Chicken Up!
(Double) w/Spikes

Turkey Up


Each unit comes with a sample of Papa Jeabert’s Spice de Terre - booklet with information about seasoning - instructions and information on how to reorder more Spice de Terre.

The Original Chicken Up is the most unique chicken cooker on the market today. Made from heavy, food grade aluminum, the four-sided pan is welded to an aluminum cup which holds approximately half a can of beer. A whole chicken, seasoned generously with Papa Jeabert’s Spice de Terre, is set on top of the cup, with the cup inside the cavity of the chicken. During the baking or bar-b-que’ing process, the beer turns into steam and bastes the inside of the chicken, and all the fat drips into the pan. Other liquids can be added to the cup - such as wine or fruit juices; and a gormet chef might also add onion, bell pepper, garlic, etc.. Some Original Chicken Up models come with spikes for cooking corn, potatoes, whole onion, stuffed bell pepper, shish-k-bob, suasage etc... with the chicken. It takes approximately 1-1/2 hours to cook with the patented Original Chicken Up , in an oven setting of 375-400 degrees F - or 1-1/2 to 2 hours on a bar-b-que pit with the top closed.

All Models are Dishwasher Safe

Special Offer:
- When ordering 5 or more cookers a 10% discount will be given on all cookers ordered.
-  Outside Continental US - S&H is Double Normal Rates

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Original Chicken Up! (Single) w/Spikes


For Cooking One Chicken - with spikes for mounting potatoes,
 corn, vegetables, stuffed bell peppers, mushrooms or anything else you want to cook with your chicken


Original Chicken Up! (Double) w/Spikes


For Cooking Two Chickens - with spikes for mounting potatoes, corn, vegetables, stuffed bell peppers, mushrooms or anything else you want to cook with your chickens


Never Baste Turkey Again

Turkey Up


For Cooking One 12-14 lb Turkey


Handles on Sides Make Easier and Safer Handling of Turkey


Don’t' be fooled by imitations! Papa Jeabert's Patented Original Chicken Up, is the only Chicken Cooker that gives you the convenience of:

  • built-in pan to contain the fatty juices of the chicken - keeping your oven clean, and  your pit from flaring up.
  • Non-toxic
  • dishwasher safe
  • won’t rust
  • light weight

It is the only beer can chicken cooker with a built in pan, double models, and spikes.

Papa Jeabert’s Chicken Cooker - US Patent #6192792.
Papa Jeabert’s Spice deTerre is a “Certified Cajun” food product

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