Nature's Family Jewels™

Nature's Family Jewels. One look at this little treasure and you know why these sexy little peppers are called Peter Peppers.


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It is the gift nobody forgets. And Papa Jeabert claims Mother Nature made him do it!

 Outside Continental US - S&H is Double Normal Rates

Peter Pepper Seeds

Price is $5 per pack plus $1 s&h
Each pack contains 25 or more seeds
Minimum order of two packs

"I didn't do it! I just put them in a bottle," exclaimed Papa Jeabert.

"I couldn't make them grow that way - I just paired them together with a couple of pearl onions."

"I couldn't make this up! I just grow them for fun," Papa added.

"I couldn't get people to believe in them ... Until the fire in their mouths went out!"

"All I can say is - Yes! They're real. Yes! They're hot. And of course They're Cajun!"

Each old fashioned glass bottle of Nature's Family Jewels contains a perfect Peter (Pepper that is!) in crystal vinegar with two properly positioned pearl onions. Each gift bottle is sealed with red wax.

They are only from Mother Nature herself, with help from the Peter Pepper Farms of Papa Jeabert.


Papa Jeabert’s Chicken Cooker - US Patent #6192792.
Papa Jeabert’s Spice deTerre is a “Certified Cajun” food product

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